Former NYC butler tells us why he’s competing in Nottingham this year

25 April, 2018

Former NYC butler tells us why he’s competing in Nottingham this year

I previously worked as a butler at the famous Plaza Hotel, where Home Alone was filmed, on 5th Avenue in New York. Each butler was trained by the International Butler Training Academy and wore a formal butler uniform including long jacket and white gloves. Whilst working there, I lived in a flat in Manhattan on Broadway and walked to work through Central Park.

Guests varied from the ‘once in a lifetime treat’ to regular celebrities in the media and film industries, including royalty.  I served several Presidents and officials from other countries attending summit meetings. When Alicia Keys was performing in New York, she stayed at the Plaza and asked for honey and lemon tea before bed, she was lovely!  I polished Harry Connick Jr’s shoes and ironed George Clooney’s handkerchiefs.  I also met Donald Trump and his wife Ivanka.

This will be my fifth short distance triathlon, although I have also completed three Half Outlaws.  I aim to improve my time on last year because I need a purpose to keep fit and training also helps manage my Klinefelter’s Syndrome.  This condition reduces my energy levels and my muscle power, so I am always at a disadvantage.  It takes me longer than others and requires much more recovery time so I use my annual leave from work to recover from big races.

I’m most looking forward to the atmosphere on race day!  Triathlons always seem to be such happy, friendly, family events. I always look forward to race day – just being there, the build-up, chatting to other racers, the race, afterwards… the whole event really!

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